10-step-manual to build your own Lego wheelchair figure

After Wheely had been lego-lized and has started discovering the world many requests have reached us concerning the procedure of the materialization. Today, we provide you with a photo manual that enables you to build your own Lego wheelchair figure in 10 steps.

Legofigur im Rollstuhl fertig

Getting the right Lego pieces

In case you do not belong to those lucky ones having a big box of Lego bricks ready at hand you can order the required pieces in the shop of Lego “Pick a Brick”. Be informed that especially the gripper called “Stick Ø 3.2 W. Holder”  do not belong to each standard set.

Also, there are some problems with the big main wheels. We’ve found the disk of the “Lego technic pulley” to fit quite okay for our purpose. But maybe, you can think of another, even better solution? (We remind you that Wheely had been a guinea pig to the experiment of the 2D-to-3D-materialization and our experts are now open to scientific discourse.)

Putting the pieces together

With the right amount of patience and skill the wheelchair-brick-boy or girl is easily built. We hope, our photo manual is of good use for you. For the smaller front wheels we cheated a bit and fixed the axis with a piece of tape to make the connection a lot more stable.

Last but not least, we’ve put a sticker from our 2D-Wheely on the big tires. Like that, the wheels look more fancy and our figure undeniably becomes recognizable as belonging to Wheelmap.org. Feel free to be creative and print or paint your own composition.

The manual in pictures:

Ready? Go for it!

If you actually succeeded in lego-lizing your own brick figure, let him or her discover the world, make it find barriers in the environment and solutions to them as well. Our Wheely and us are looking forward to see receive and publish the pictures of your Lego wheelchair guy. You can e-mail them to Svenja, post them onto our facebook wall or twitter them using the hashtag #Wheelyontour.

We’re really excited! Maybe together we’ll attract the attention of the Lego company? Have fun with your brick workshop!

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