What’s Wheelmap all about?

Wheelmap is an open and free online map for wheelchair-accessible places. It empowers users to share and access information on the wheelchair-accessibility of public places. Like with Wikipedia, everyone can participate by tagging places.

= Wheelchair-accessible

= Limited accessibility

= Not wheelchair-accessible

Places that are not yet marked have a grey tag and can be quickly and easily marked by everyone. The crowdsourced information is free, easy to understand and can be shared with everyone.

Moreover, logged in users can upload photos to places or write comments to further describe the wheelchair accessibility of a place. This additional information makes it easy for mobility-impaired users to determine whether they can access the place or not.

Wheelmap.org is a global tool that can be used by everyone everywhere. It is available on the internet and as an app for iPhone and Android.

You can get involved too

Wheelmap.org is a community project – everyone can get involved. You don’t even need to register to map places!

Next to mapping there are more Wheelmap projects to get involved with. For individuals, schools, clubs and companies – we have the right project for everyone.


Barriers in public environments constantly prevent mobility-impaired people from free movement and participation. A narrow doorway here, a step there – that’s all it takes. To make things worse, information on the accessibility of public places is poorly available. Hence, mobility-impaired people are shut out from public transport, gastronomy, shopping etc..

Wheelmap.org’s Impact

The provided information empowers mobility-impaired people to

  • Plan their day more efficiently
  • Increase their mobility
  • Participate more easily in society

The collected data is also a great tool for awareness raising and political agenda setting, showing what has been achieved and what still needs to be done.

Wheelmap.org thus contributes to building more inclusive environments and societies.


  • More than 470.000 crowdsourced data entries since 2010
  • Roughly 35.000 users per month
  • Available in 22 languages
  • Most extensive data collection on the wheelchair accessibility of public places
  • Extensive media coverage, encouraging public discussions on the topic
  • Several national and international prizes won (e.g. from German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Vice-President of European Commission, Neelie Kroes, and the United Nations).

About us

Wheelmap.org is an initiative of SOZIALHELDEN e.V., a German non-profit association.

We’re a group of committed people, working together on creative projects since 2004. With our projects we want to draw attention to social problems and, in the best case, solve them. Two other projects we’re working on are Pfandtastisch helfen! and Leidmedien.de
You can support us with a donation here if you like what we’re doing. It’s much appreciated!

Check our FAQ's .
When is a place wheelchair-accessible?
The place and all its rooms are wheelchair-accessible.
The place itself is accessible, but not all of its rooms.
The place is not accessible for wheelchair users.
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