Sticker & Flyer

Download the Wheelmap flyer & sticker below and print it at your local printing place or favorite online printing service. Or order small volumes from us to be send to your place.

Wheelmap sticker

In arrangement with the owner the Wheelmap sticker can be put up in shops, restaurants, movie theaters etc.. It’s great to:

  • Show everyone that the place is on
  • Create attention for wheelchair accessibility – especially for people who haven’t had contact with issues such as accessibility and inclusion before
  • Give shop owners the opportunity to show responsibility
  • Motivate more shop owners to put their place on Wheelmap too

Download the template here (click on the sticker below, then right-click and “Save”) to print it at your local printing shop. Or try an online printing service.


 Wheelmap flyer

For digital use you can download the Wheelmap flyer as a PDF here: wheelmapflyerWEB

Please get in contact with us at aufkleber[at] if you need a printable version.

Getting flyers & stickers send to your place

We can send you Wheelmap flyers & stickers in small volumes. Drop us a line at aufkleber[at] and donate some money if you’d like to help cover the costs.

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