Behind the scenes: Ameerah, our Arabic translator can only exist and strive because a lot of people support it – many of them in their spare time and for free. Without them, wouldn’t work. We are incredibly thankful for their great support and want to holler out a big “Thank you!”. To show them our appreciation and introduce them to the whole Wheelmap community we’ll feature some of our social heroes here in the next couple of months.
Today we start with Ameerah who translated the Wheelmap to Arabic. See the great result here:

Ameerah, please tell us who you are and how you learnt about

I am Ameerah Abdullah Albaz from Saudi Arabia. I got to know about Wheelmap by coincidence while doing a research about special needs facilities.

What is your motivation to support

I have always wanted to participate in projects that could help people and ease their lives around the world. As a person  concerned about disability issues , I found  Wheelmap is a wonderful service for wheelchair users. If I put myself in his\her place , It will be very important to know which place welcoming my wheel chair and which not.

What is the situation like for mobility impaired people in Saudi Arabia?

It’s below standards and expectations unfortunately.

If you had one wish, what would you change first?

In my country I would like to solve all complaints that people have and give them the life that they are looking for. I would like to facilitate lifestyle for people with special needs, so they don’t need any help from others and enjoy an independent life.
What I would change about the world is three things: war to peace, hatred to love and aggressiveness to acceptance. I know they are three wishes rather than one , but sometimes speaking your wishes make them come true.

What are your plans for the future?

To offer my kid a wonderful atmosphere to grow up in, learn more languages and know more about other cultures.

Thank you so much Ameerah! You’re doing a great job and we couldn’t appreciate your support more.
And now everybody, say “Hello!” to Ammerah in the comments.

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