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Streetspotr – Winners of the World Cup Bets and Halftime Records

The Soccer World Cup is over and the German enthusiasm about the crown is still perceptible. Three of the Streetspotrs who had joined in the third round of the photo activities for Wheelmap and took part in the accompanying World Cup bets,

Proudly presents: our Wheelmap Ambassadors in Bulgaria

We’re always thrilled to see where on this lovely planet people take to the idea of and start mapping their area. Some take this to the next level by helping us with translations, organizing Mapping Events or becoming Wheelmap Ambassadors. We think

Mapping Party in Elche, Spain with great results

“I am not a disabled person, I live in a disabled city”. This insight, voiced by a participant during an accessibility mapping party in Elche, Spain, can be applied to many cities in Europe. Although Elche has already done a great deal

10 years OpenStreetMap and why Wheelmap celebrates along

The OpenStreetMap celebrated its 10th anniversary on the 9th of August. We seized the opportunity to have a look at the success of the free world map. After all, it’s the geo data of the OSM which constitutes the essential core

Social Day 2014 – Scouties facing the Wheelmap Challenge in Berlin

At this year’s Social Day of Immobilienscout 24, the Scouties hit the road in Berlin in order to tag and add locations, and to upload pictures of entrances on Wheelmap. As a little treat, the groups had to accomplish some

We proudly present: Christoph, our IT developer!

Today, we’d like to introduce you to the mysterious man living in the computer chamber of our Sozialhelden castle, Christoph Bünte. Our IT developer keeps the Wheelmap running smoothly and he is one of the last few Berliners who keeps

Tips for wheelchair users visiting Berlin

There are just as many sightseeing tips for Berlin as there are rumors about Berlin’s new international airport BER. So, how about a collection of tips of what to do and see in our beautiful capital for people who are mobility impaired? We

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