We proudly present: Christoph, our IT developer!

Today, we’d like to introduce you to the mysterious man living in the computer chamber of our Sozialhelden castle, Christoph Bünte. Our IT developer keeps the Wheelmap running smoothly and he is one of the last few Berliners who keeps the Berlin dialect alive.


Christoph, who are you, where are you from and what keeps you going like clockwork?

I have been the IT developer of the Wheelmap since 2010. I am a real “Berlin plant” (third generation). Aside from coffee, the fantastic team keeps me going like clockwork.

Apart from programming, are there further passions in your life?

Sure. Biking, photography, and traveling. Right now, there remains only scant time because I have a little “drop” (baby) at home. Hopefully soon, all my passions will be combinable… I see myself taking pictures and biking across New Zealand with my child happily sitting in his bike trailer.

You have five words to describe the Sozialhelden, the team behind wheelmap.org.

Innovative, untiring, intuitive, positive, and really swell.

If you had three wishes…

I – as a developer- would want three more wishes. In computer science, one would call this “recursion.” Hehe.

I’d call it cheating… So only two more wishes left. Well?

I would wish to have solely electric cars in the city center and more bike/wheelchair paths.

Finally, our favourite question: if you were a super hero for one week, who would you want to be?

I have recently read a saying: “Be yourself except you can be a unicorn. Then rather be the unicorn.” So, unicorn it is! By the way, the Wheelmap is driven by unicorns.

Oh, really?

Yes, the web server software which we use is called “unicorn.” We have eight unicorns which drive the map.

Well, that’s quite something! The Wheelmap is driven by unicorns, and Christoph is the one who takes good care of them and shows them some gimmicks. Thanks, Christoph for such a great job!

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