Mark / Add Places (4)

How do I mark the wheelchair-accessibility of places?

Marking the wheelchair-accessibility of places is easy:

  • “Search” for the place
  • Click on it
  • Choose the right status of it’s wheelchair accessibility
  • Done!

Learn more about the Wheelmap.org traffic light system to mark places.


How do I add new places to Wheelmap.org?

You have to be logged in to Wheelmap.org to add a new place to the map. Read more about registration here.

This is how you add a new place

  • Log in on Wheelmap.org or to your iPhone or Android app
  • Click on “Add new place” or the plus button
  • Fill in the details of the place in the form (name of place, category, type)
  • To set the location of the place, drag the marker to the correct position of the place in the map
  • If known, set the wheelchair-accessibility status and add a comment
  • If available, add a photo to the place
  • Hit “Save”
Please contact us if you encounter any problems. Have fun mapping and thanks again for your engagement!


How can I change the wheelchair-accessibility status of a place?

Klick on the place, choose the right marking and hit ‘Save’.


How does the traffic light system to mark places work?

Our traffic light system helps you to easily mark the wheelchair-accessibility of places:

= Wheelchair-accessible

  • Entrance: accessible without steps
  • Rooms: all rooms are accessible without steps (e.g. all cinema halls)

= Limited accessibility

  • Entrance: one step maximum, not higher than 7 cm (2.75 inches)
  • Rooms: the most important rooms are accessible without steps (e.g. selected cinema halls)

= Not Wheelchair-accessible

  • Entrance: higher than 7 cm (2.75 inches)
  • Rooms: the most important rooms are not accessible without steps

= Unknown

  • The status is still unknown and needs to be assigned

How to mark the toilet status of a place:

= Wheelchair accessible toilet

  • Doorway’s inner width min. 90 cm
  • Clear space min. 150 x 150 cm
  • Wheelchair-height toilet seat
  • Folding grab rails)
  • Accessible hand basin

= No wheelchair accessible toilet

= Toilet status unknown



Edit places (5)

How can I delete photos of a place?

You can only delete photos that you’ve uploaded yourself.

  • Go to the browser version of www.wheelmap.org/en/map
  • Log in on Wheelmap.org with your OpenStreetMap account
  • Go to “Profile”
  • You will see all the photos you’ve added to places under “Your uploaded photos”
  • Click on the “x” to delete a photo


Why should I upload photos to a place? How should they look like?

With photos of entrances of places like restaurants, cinemas, shops etc. , mobility-impaired people can decide even better if the place is accessible for them or not. Even if there is a small step, with the help of photos wheelchair-users can estimate if they can tackle that step, alone or with a helping hand.

That’s why it’s very important that one can see the entrance to a place clearly on the photos. One should be able to see if there is a step, how high this step is approximately and whether the door is wide enough.

If possible, you should also try to display the name of the place (e.g. if there’s a sign above the door) on the photo.

It#s totally ok to upload several photos to a place as well! Learn here how you upload photos to a place.


How can I edit the details of a place?

As a logged in user you can change a wrong address or telephone number. You can also add new information to a place, e.g. the website or a short note to further describe the wheelchair-accessibility of the place.

  • Make sure, you’re logged in with your OpenStreetMap account. Here’s how you log in in the products of Wheelmap.org.
  • Click on the location in the map you want to edit and then click on the pencil symbol. In the form that opens you can insert address and contact data.
  • The “note” can be used to leave further information on the accessibility  particularities of the location, e.g. “wheelchair ramp on the backdoor”, “all rooms accessible without except for the bathroom”, etc. This helps other user to clarify why a location is marked as green or yellow.



How do I add photos to a place?

Add photos with the apps:

  • Select a place on Wheelmap
  • When its page has opened, click on the camera symbol.
  • Choose a photo from your smartphone gallery or take a new picture with your smartphone.
  • Confirm the selection you have made and upload the photo.
  • Depending on your internet connection the upload can take some time, so please be patient!

Add photos on the Wheelmap.org website:

  • Click on a place, then on “Details”, so that a new page opens.
  • Click on the camera symbol.
  • Choose a photo from the photos stored on your computer.


How can I delete a place?

If the details of a place are not up to date anymore you can edit them directly in the OpenStreetMap. For example, if a shop is permanently closed you can delete the name, category and wheelchair tag – but not the rest of the information such as street and house number. This way the basic data set of the place stays in OpenStreetMap and if a new shop opens in that building one can just add the new details like name etc.

Guidelines “edit/ delete places on OpenStreetMap”

  1. Go to http://www.openstreetmap.org/
  2. Log in with your OpenStreetMap account (the same account you use to log in on Wheelmap.org).
  3. Attention: Choose the option “Edit with ID (in-browser editor)” of the function “Edit”.

    If you want to edit a shop, a bar, a bus stop etc.:

  4. Click on a “node” (white drop) – the “node” marks a place (a shop, a bar, a bus stop etc.)
  5.  The column opening up on the left shows you the data of the node that you can edit.
  6. Each information is stored in the form of a tag (e.g. street, category and so on).
  7. Clicking on “all tags” you can access all information belonging to the node/ the place.
  8. Now you can delete particular “tags” by clicking on the small garbage bin icon.
  9. If, for example, a restaurant has been permanently closed, you delete the tag “name” and all tags concerning the restaurant.
  10. Attention: Never delete the tag “address”! These information are still important in the OpenStreetMap!
  11. After adding/ deleting/ changing tags click on “save changes” (top right of the map).
  12. You can add a comment for the OpenStreetMap community to indicate what you have changed (e.g. restaurant permanently closed).

    If you want to edit information belonging to a building:

  13. Click on the red outline of the building (called “ways”).
  14. Follow the steps 6-12.
  15. Attention: Never delete the whole building from the OpenStreetMap if you are not a hundred percent sure whether the building has been completely teared down!

If you feel like this process is too complicated you can also send us an e-mail with the details of the place that need to be deleted.


Login / Registration (4)

How do I log in on Wheelmap.org?

You need an OpenStreetMap account to be able to log in on Wheelmap.org.
The reason for this is that Wheelmap.org is based on the free world map OpenStreetMap. All the data you see on Wheelmap is saved in the OpenStreetMap database. (More here.)

You can log in on Wheelmap.org and use all its functionalities with your OpenStreetMap account.

However, to use the Wheelmap apps to their full extent you need an OpenStreetMap account AND a Wheelmap account. (More here.)

That’s how you register

  1. You don’t have an OpenStreetMap account or a Wheelmap account yet? Register both in process.
  2. You already have an OpenStreetMap account but no Wheelmap account yet? No problem! Log in on Wheelmap.org and go to “Profile”. You can create your Wheelmap account there.


Why do I need to register with OpenStreetMap to log in on Wheelmap.org?

Wheelmap.org is based on OpenStreetMap. All data you see on the map is coming from the OpenStreetMap database. Also, all data we add on Wheelmap.org is saved in the OpenStreetMap database. So if you e.g. want to add a new place to Wheelmap.org we forward the data you enter into the formular to OpenStreetMap. That’s the only way the new place you added can be shown on the Wheelmap.

Learn here how you can create an OpenStreetMap account to log in on Wheelmap.org.


How do I log in to the App?

To use the mobile apps for iPhone and Android to the full extent you need an OpenStreetMap account AND a Wheelmap account. You can only log in to the apps with your Wheelmap account however.

That’s how you register

  1. You don’t have an OpenStreetMap account or a Wheelmap account? Register both in one step.
  2. You already have an OpenStreetMap account but no Wheelmap account? No problem! Just log in on Wheelmap.org with your OpenStreetMap account and click on “Profile” – you can create your Wheelmap account there. You can log in to the app with this account.


I lost my password. How can I get a new one?

You need an OpenStreetMap account to log in on Wheelmap.org.

Important:  If you use one of the Wheelmap apps for smartphones you need a Wheelmap account to log in.

  1. Lost password for your OpenStreetMap account
    Go to Password recovery on OpenStreetMap’s wiki
  2. Lost password for your Wheelmap account
    Go to Forgot password? on Wheelmap.org


General Info (9)

What is Wheelmap.org?

Wheelmap.org is an open and free online map for wheelchair-accessible places. It empowers users to share and access information on the wheelchair-accessibility of public places. Like with Wikipedia, everyone can participate by tagging places.

  • Green = Wheelchair-accessible
  • Yellow = Limited accessibility
  • Red = Not wheelchair-accessible

Places that are not yet marked have a grey tag and can be quickly and easily marked by everyone. The crowdsourced information is free, easy to understand and can be shared with everyone.

Wheelmap.org is a global tool that can be used by everyone everywhere. It is available on the internet and as an app for iPhone and Android.


How does Wheelmap.org work?

Wheelmap.org works like Wikipedia – many people get engaged and collect information. On Wheelmap.org, the information collected is about the wheelchair-accessibility of public places. Everyone can get engaged by contributing information to the map. You can do this by:

  1. Marking places according to their wheelchair-accessibility (Green, Yellow or Red)
  2. Adding new places to the map
  3. Adding photos to places
  4. Editing information about places, e.g. the telephone number or address.

Wheelmap.org is also available as an app for iPhone and Android.


How can I get engaged and support Wheelmap.org?

Wheelmap.org is a community based project, open to everyone to join and support the case of better wheelchair-accessibility. From individuals to schools, clubs and companies – everyone can get engaged. It’s not only fun, with your engagement you really help making our society more inclusive.

There are many ways to get engaged and to support Wheelmap.org. As a mapper you mark the wheelchair-accessibility of public places and add new places to the map. You can also get active with one of the many projects around Wheelmap.org, e.g. organizing a Mapping Event or spreading the word.

Of course, we’re also happy about every donation to our non-profit organization, Sozialhelden e.V.


Who initiated and runs Wheelmap.org?

Wheelmap.org is a project of SOZIALHELDEN e.V., a Berlin based non-profit organization. Since 2004 we initiate and run projects to sensitize people for social problems and to show ways get engaged and change things for the better.


Why are some places marked green although they don’t have a wheelchair-accessible toilet?

Places where one would usually NOT expect to find a toilet, e.g. supermarkets or banks, can be marked green even if there’s no wheelchair-accessible toilet. It’s just important that there are no steps at the entrance and all rooms are accessible.

Places where one would usually expect to find a toilet, e.g. restaurants or movie theaters, can only be marked green if there’s also a wheelchair-accessible toilet.


Whom does the data belong to?

Wheelmap is based on the free world map OpenStreetMap. OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world. All crowdsourced OpenStreetMap data is published under the Open Database License (ODbL) from Open Data Commons (ODC). The OpenStreetMap site is supported by the OpenStreetMap Foundation, a non-profit organization registered in England.


I don’t find certain places on Wheelmap.org. Why?

It’s possible that some places are not yet added, or more precisely entered, to the map. Wheelmap.org is based on OpenStreetMap, a community based project like Wikipedia. Only those streets, houses, parks or rivers that have been added to the OpenStreetMap database by users appear on the map.

Learn here how you can independently add new places to Wheelmap.org.


What categories are there and why is category XYZ missing?

Wheelmap is based on the “free for all” world map OpenStreetMap and this is where all the categories come from. We have selected about 130 categories that are publicly accessible and therefore relevant for Wheelmap. Here is a list of categories for Wheelmap places. If something is missing, please have a look at the tag-list of OpenStreetMap to make sure the right category is available and notify us. Thank you!


How is wheelmap.org funded?

The project is financed through awards, incentives and donations, and by a large margin through the honorary engagement of our web and iPhone developers. Among the last awards we won: “Deutscher Engagementpreis 2009″ (endowed with 10,000 €) and “Deutscher Bürgerpreis 2010″.


Check our FAQ's .
When is a place wheelchair-accessible?
The place and all its rooms are wheelchair-accessible.
The place itself is accessible, but not all of its rooms.
The place is not accessible for wheelchair users.