Portable ramps make the difference

Often enough it’s just a step that make the difference for people with limited mobility. Six inches that decide about getting in or not, about taking part or being left out. With the project “1001 Mobile Ramps” we want to make the difference by turning inaccessible places into accessible ones.
You can help with your donation and suggestions!

1001 Mobile Ramps

Raul testing the mobile ramp for “1001 Mobile Ramps” from SOZIALHELDEN on Vimeo.

A portable ramp lets smaller barriers simply disappear. It enables the access to places like shops, restaurants or cinemas that’d otherwise be impossible. With the mobile ramps we distribute one can overcome a height differential of max.10 inches (25 cm) .

Here’s what you can do

  1. One mobile ramp costs 100€
  2. You can support the project with the sum of your choice via the donation form
  3. We wait until enough money to order fifty mobile ramps has been donated
  4. The mobile ramps will be distributed to public places suggested by the Wheelmap community
  5. You can make a suggestion too! Maybe the bakery around the corner or you favorite restaurant can turn into a wheelchair-accessible place with a mobile ramp?
  6. Just talk to the owner and fill out the form below

The mobile ramps are delivered with a sticker to put up in the shop window or the like to indicate that a mobile ramp is available.

It’s your turn now

  1. Suggest a place (link to form)
  2. Apply for a ramp (link to form)
  3. Donate (link to the donation form)
Die Rampe im Praxistest

Mit der Wheelramp kann ein Höhenunterschied von 25cm bis 30cm überwunden werden. Raúl hat es getestet.
Erfahrungsberichte und Interviews mit unseren Rampenbotschaftern gibt es hier.

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