Social Mapping Day for Companies

Successful entrepreneurship and social responsibility don’t contradict each other. On the contrary, more and more companies realized that to be successful on the long run, they have to handle all ressources in a sustainable way.

Measures to enhance the sustainable handling of ressources like location, employees, brand etc. are therefore compiled under the slogan Corporate Social Responsibility since quite some time now.

What’s a Social Mapping Day?

Social Mapping Days allow entrepreneurs to take responsibility for their neighborhoods as well as to let their employees share a productive and meaningful experience. Nothing is more team building than doing great things together for a day.

The employees head out in groups of two or three to “map” different parts of town. Mapping is easy and happens right on the spot with our iPhone or Android app. We’ll equip you with free flyers and stickers to distribute to local shop owners to create some awareness for wheelchair-accessibility and inclusion.

We’re more than happy to help you with preparing and organizing your Social Mapping Day. Just get in touch with us!

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