Support as an ambassador

You want to get active for better wheelchair-accessibility and change things for the better in your city or region? Become a Wheelmap ambassador!

What is a Wheelmap ambassador?

As a Wheelmap ambassador you are the voice of the local mapping community and make sure that more and more people get to know about You not only get your friends and neighbors involved, but also inform your local ombudsman, public schools or the tourism association about the map. The local press such as newspapers, radio or TV stations are also on your list of potential contacts points. Maybe organise a Mapping Event to inspire them to report on and the wheelchair-accessibility of your town?

Your tasks a an ambassador:

  • Activate your network for (activate new mappers in the region)
  • Organize Mapping Events
  • Inform local organistaions (public and private)
  • Contact the local media and isnpire them to report on
  • Tell us about new activities, articles etc.
  • Post on the Wheelmap blog about your city
  • Organise a meetup for the local mappers

Contact us if you want to get active as a Wheelmap ambassador. You can just get started with some of the tasks mentioned above. As soon as you have some successes to talk about we’d be more than happy to write a blog post about what you’ve achieved and present you to the community.

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