Guide for Translators

Dear wheelmapper, friends and supporter,

Thank you for helping us, getting more known all over the world by translating it into your language. As we are a non-profit-project, we can’t pay your effort with money but with our neverending appreciation ;)

A few tips for translating:

Political aspects:

As we are dealing with a very political topic, it is very important to use the correct wording. For example:

  1. The term “barrier free” is not equal to “wheelchair accessible”. Because “barrier free” means accessible for people with all kind of disabilities. Not only people in wheelchairs. Please only use the term “wheelchair-accessible” in your language.
  2. The same happens with the term “handicap”. Handicap is not equal to “disabled”. Some people with disabilities do not like the term “handicap” because of a belief that it originally meant someone who could not work and went begging with their cap in hand. See Wikipedia:
  3. It’s obvious, but when talking/writing about someone with a disability, please take care to see them as equal to everyone else. See Wikipedia:
Technical aspects
  1. Everything that looks like “{{xxx}}”, “%{xxx}” or “%x” are placeholders and must be placed in to the right position of the translation. Do not translate words between these curly braces {dont_translate}
  2. The phrase: “%Y-%m-%d” is the order of the format of date. Please bring them into the right order according to your language.
  3. The letters mean:
    “%Y” (year)
    “%m” (month)
    “%d” (day)

If you have any doubts please don’t hesitate to ask for assistance.
We’re glad to help you through!

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