How can I delete a place?

If the details of a place are not up to date anymore you can edit them directly in the OpenStreetMap. For example, if a shop is permanently closed you can delete the name, category and wheelchair tag – but not the rest of the information such as street and house number. This way the basic data set of the place stays in OpenStreetMap and if a new shop opens in that building one can just add the new details like name etc.

Guidelines “edit/ delete places on OpenStreetMap”

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your OpenStreetMap account (the same account you use to log in on
  3. Attention: Choose the option “Edit with ID (in-browser editor)” of the function “Edit”.

    If you want to edit a shop, a bar, a bus stop etc.:

  4. Click on a “node” (white drop) – the “node” marks a place (a shop, a bar, a bus stop etc.)
  5.  The column opening up on the left shows you the data of the node that you can edit.
  6. Each information is stored in the form of a tag (e.g. street, category and so on).
  7. Clicking on “all tags” you can access all information belonging to the node/ the place.
  8. Now you can delete particular “tags” by clicking on the small garbage bin icon.
  9. If, for example, a restaurant has been permanently closed, you delete the tag “name” and all tags concerning the restaurant.
  10. Attention: Never delete the tag “address”! These information are still important in the OpenStreetMap!
  11. After adding/ deleting/ changing tags click on “save changes” (top right of the map).
  12. You can add a comment for the OpenStreetMap community to indicate what you have changed (e.g. restaurant permanently closed).

    If you want to edit information belonging to a building:

  13. Click on the red outline of the building (called “ways”).
  14. Follow the steps 6-12.
  15. Attention: Never delete the whole building from the OpenStreetMap if you are not a hundred percent sure whether the building has been completely teared down!

If you feel like this process is too complicated you can also send us an e-mail with the details of the place that need to be deleted.

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