Wheelmap goes London

Wheelmap goes London

Wheelmap goes London and you can help us with your ideas.




The Wheelmap approach has spread globally after only 18 months. In Germany, there are over 230,000 tagged places by now which have been rated according to their wheelchair-accessibility. The media has reported about Wheelmap, we have attended lots of events and even Google has produced a TV spot with and about us.



And now we want to move on to the UK!


In contrast to German cities such as Berlin, Cologne, or Hamburg, the British capital is still quite grey. We want to change that by making the city at the river Thames more colorful until the beginning of the Paralympics.

You can help us! Become part of this movement and fill this form with your ideas on how to bring Wheelmap to the UK!

Why do we want to go to London?

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Support us!

Only with your ideas we are able to make our project come true. We are searching for ideas, contacts, businesses, journalists, athletes, and so on… to support Wheelmap in London. Do you have any tips or advice? Just write them down in the form.

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