New marker, more location types and improved apps

In the last couple of months, we have improved the marker and the detailed location description of the web app. Moreover, 20 new node types were implemented from the OSM. With the update of the iPhone app and the upcoming release of the Android app we want to continue the high level of crowdsourcing.

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The winter months in the office have proved to be quite productive for improving features and basic display functions of the Wheelmap.

The marker which indicates the wheelchair accessibility of locations has been equipped with additional options and the detailed description of a location has a much clearer design now. “We’ve updated 272 files and 14,000 lines in the source code. Beyond that, more than 50,000 lines of programming had to be rewritten completely”, explains our IT developer Christoph.

The effort was obviously worth it: the marker of the web app and the iPhone app contain more functions that offer support for frequently asked questions and lead the user to the details of a location where pictures, the Google streetview and additional information are displayed in a clear design.

Implementation of shops, dentists and sports locations

In addition to that, in response to numerous user requests in the last months, 20 new node types have been implemented from the OpenStreetMap, showing more locations in the categories shopping, sport and health.

Now, for instance, you can find travel agencies, organic food stores, outdoor supply stores, sports fields and dentists on the Wheelmap. You can also use the nodes for adding points of interest where they have not yet been entered in the map. (Take a look at the list of node types to get the full picture.)

As a consequence, you might see more grey icons in the map extract of your environment which were not displayed before. Here, we are counting on your help to continue marking the wheelchair accessibility of these new places as well.

Improved iPhone and Android app

Thanks to the tremendous engagement of the community during the last couple of months, we reached the milestone of 400,000 marked locations on the map on Christmas. Since then, the data continues to grow with an averages of 300 markings per day.

With the release of the iPhone app 2.1, which we launched in the beginning of March and which complies with the iOS 7 standard while offering a version in Russian, we hope to continue this success.

The new Android app, which will be available in a few weeks time, will be the next step towards this goal. The new version will finally integrate all the functions that are already available in the web app and the iPhone app, such as uploading pictures and adding and editing locations. The design will follow the clear concept of the iPhone app.

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