“MapMyDay” – Be the movement and join our international Wheelmap campaign!

The last weeks have been very exciting here in the office. We are at a fever pitch working on the campaign “MapMyDay”, a worldwide mapping event using the Wheelmap.org website and the apps. The campaign starts December 3, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. We will call attention to barriers worldwide and create more access!

Our campaign website is online at  www.mapmyday.org, we have been joined by partners and supporters and we made a video to promote the event.

But let’s start at the beginning. What follows is an overview explaining what “MapMyDay” is all about, who is supporting us and of course how you all can become part of the movement. Because only with your involvement will the campaign be a success!

How “MapMyDay” works

Our appeal is really simple: it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, just go out in the week of December 3 and mark places in your neighborhood on Wheelmap: the supermarket around the corner, your favorite café, your hairdresser, your dentist…….that is, the public places you come to during your day. Take a look: does the store have a step or two at the entrance, does the pharmacy have a ramp, does the cinema have a level access inside and out? And where are there accessible restrooms?

The aim of “MapMyDay” is to get people everywhere to pay attention to the barriers around them, barriers that keep people with wheelchairs, strollers, walking aids or a broken leg out.

And to share their experiences on Wheelmap, by marking and adding new places.

Well known names and faces are joining “MapMyDay”

The World Health Organization (WHO), the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and other United Nations agencies are supporting us for “MapMyDay”.

Not only is the list of partners growing but also the number of personalities who are part of the movement: we are very excited about the involvement of Philippe Pozzo di Borgo, the man whose fascinating story is behind the movie “The Intouchables”, author and advocate Andrew Solomon, world champion handbiker Christiane Reppe and many other internationally known personalities.

How you can get involved in “MapMyDay”

Everyone can join in and get active online.  The initial focus of the event is the actual mapping, something many of you are already experts at. There are downloadable materials and tips available on mapmyday.org, so you can let everybody, your family and friends and colleagues know that you you are part of the movement.

Ansicht des Hauptmenüs auf www.mapmyday.org

On mapmayday.org you can find many possibilities for getting involved and for advocating for improving wheelchair accessibility with Wheelmap.

It is our goal to motivate many, many more people to share their local knowledge with others during “MapMyDay”, so that Wheelmap will continue to grow and more people all over the world can benefit from from the map.

Why we are starting on December 3

The kickoff date for the campaign was not chosen at random: every year December 3 is the “International Day of Persons with a Disability”. The United Nations agencies based in Geneva have chosen a theme for this year’s commemoration that coincides perfectly with “MapMyDay”: December 3 is “A Day for All”.

Together we can achieve a great deal and bring Wheelmap even further. Will you join us?

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