New android app with more functions and news

For months we’ve been waiting for this moment to come: The new android app is ready and available in the Google Play Store. Now, users can add locations, edit its details and upload pictures with their android smartphones.

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In cooperation with the Smart Mobile Factory GmbH and thanks to the funding of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs we have updated the android version of our mobile Wheelmap app.

Like with the iPhone app and the web app, you can now login with a Wheelmap account and add locations, edit the information of the detailed description and upload pictures. With the new design of Mapbox and an additional zoom level, the orientation in the surrounding area of your current position gets even easier.

Mark locations and receive news of the Wheelmap blog

Helping and marking public points of interest according to their wheelchair accessibility is clear and simple. The dashboard includes the possibility to display a list of “nearby places”, go directly to the map or set a filter by clicking on “categories”.

Furthermore, by selecting “get engaged” in the dashboard, you will only see those locations in a list where the wheelchair status still needs to be assigned.

As a special service of the android app, you’ll always have the latest news from the blog: the latest development of the projects going along with Wheelmap and its community, like mapping events, mobile ramps and other activities will appear by a click in your dashboard as well.

The new android app of the Wheelmap is ready for download in the Google Play Store.

Have fun searching, finding and marking wheelchair accessible places!

The android app has been sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS).

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