Photo project with Streetspotr

In February this year we received the World Summit Award – Mobile. On the conference accompanying the award show we met Doro, Werner and Holger from the Streetspotr team. We told them all about and our new iPhone app that also sports a photo upload feature now. It allows registered user to upload photos to a place so that other users can profit from even more detailed information.

The great people of Streetspotr spontaneously offered to support with a pro bono photo project! From May 1st till May 31st the Streetspotr communities in 20 German cities will take photos of the entrances of 80 places per city. Their photos will be added to the database so that mobility-impaired people can easily check if they can acces a place or not. You know the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”…

Here’s what Doro from Streetspotr says about their generous move: “Our community’s main incentive to be active Streetspotr users is not only to ‘make money on the go’, but also to do something good and meaningful. That’s why we’re sure that they’ll be delighted to support the Sozialhelden on their missions with their smartphone cameras. Just as we are!”

Well, what can we say? Obviously, we think that this is a fantastic idea and we want to thank the whole Streetspotr team for the uncomplicated, fast and great implementation of the project! And a special thanks goes out to the Streetspotr community- you are great!

What is Streetspotr?

Streetspotr is the smartphone app that connects businesses to Europe’s largest mobile workforce. Streetspotr is focused on making it fast, easy and cost-efficient for businesses to get work done anywhere.


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