Two completed Streetspotr missions brought 23,000 photos

Our last two Streetspotr missions which have taken place in April and August 2013 were quite a success. Thanks to the crowdsourcing the Wheelmap now holds loads of new photos and marks. However, all good things come in threes – or more!

Foto mit dem Smartphone: Bilder können auf die Ortsdetailseiten der Wheelmap hochgeladen werden und zeigen auf einen Blick die Rollstuhlgerechtigkeit des Eingangsbereichs.

Taking a pic of the entrance: Photos that show the wheelchair accessibility of a location can be uploaded to the location description of the Wheelmap

In April 2013, members of the crowdsourcing community Streetspotr were on their first mission for the Wheelmap. Using smart phones, the mobile workforce had taken over 7.000 photos of entrances of public locations in the 40 largest cities of Germany. The data was kindly donated to us afterwards.

In August, lots of motivated Streetspotrs started with a second set of tasks: taking photos and collecting data regarding the wheelchair-accessibility of public locations in the 65 largest cities of Germany.

Effective crowdsourcing

The result was amazing: About 16,000 photos and 3,600 location marks were added to the Wheelmap in January 2014. We’d call this effective crowdsourcing!

The focus of the second mission lay on the categories “Food” and “Shopping”. The Streetspotrs were asked to take at least two photos of the entrance and to add the name, address and wheelchair-accessibility of the location.

The value for the Wheelmap data

The increased value for the Wheelmap through the photos on the detail display of locations is obvious: The users are able to take a look at the entrance and decide for themselves if the desired location is accessible for them or not.

All in all, with the support of Streetspotr, the Wheelmap held about 408,000 tagged locations and over 23,000 photos of entrances after the implementation of the data. We are impressed!

New Streetspotr mission coming soon

Since all good things come in threes, we are currently planning another mission and to make things a little more exciting, it might include a competitive aspect. Detailed information will come soon, so stay tuned!

If you need more information on how to upload photos of entrances using our website and/or iPhone-App, check out our Wheelmap FAQs.

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