Streetspotr and Wheelmap – Sportive Step-Spots including World Cup Bets

This time, in our third round of the “Step-Spots” of the Streetspotr-Community, it gets sportive: In the 65 biggest German cities, 18,000 locations – including the category “sports” – are waiting excitedly to have a photo taken of their entrance – congenial to the soccer fever, the spotrs have participated in our World Cup Bets.


The cooperation between Streetspotr and Wheelmap has been tried and tested during the last two joint projects: Due to photo donations of the still growing crowdsourcing community from Nuremberg, our online map has already got over 20.000 entrance photos which adds to the evaluation of the locations regarding the wheelchair accessibility.

The third round gets sporty

We are curious if we are able to top the results once again – the third round will end in September: Apart from the categories “food”, “shopping” and “leisure”, locations of the category “sport” are offered as well – e.g. places such as stadiums, (indoor) swimming pools, sports fields, and sports centers.

Overall, this creates a potential of about 54,000 spots in 18,000 locations which have not been marked yet and are still without a photo on the Wheelmap.

Perhaps it sounds a bit ambitious but after all the World Cup euphoria might help to top all our expectations regarding the step-spots! Furthermore, we’ve come up with something special for every Streetspotr.

Step-Spots including World Cup Bets

Every Spotr who handed in five spots including the requested information on wheelchair accessibility was allowed to bet on a participating national team of the World Cup until June 11th. If the chosen country wins the World Cup, he or she will participate in a lottery. These are the prizes:

  1. Prize: An original Adidas “Brazuca” football + a national league shoulder bag
  2. Prize: A DVD box „Best of Bundesliga“ of 1963-2013 + a national league shoulder bag
  3. Prize: A national league game of memory + a national league shoulder bag

Good luck to you and us! Wheely and Clara are already thrilled about the 6,000 spots that have been made during the first two weeks!

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