Streetspotr – Winners of the World Cup Bets and Halftime Records

The Soccer World Cup is over and the German enthusiasm about the crown is still perceptible. Three of the Streetspotrs who had joined in the third round of the photo activities for Wheelmap and took part in the accompanying World Cup bets, can continue their jubilation a little longer: In the special edition of the so-called “step spots” the winners have been alloted.

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The names of 56 Streetspotrs had been thrown into the lottery bag in Nuremberg on Tuesday in order to determine the winners who had been successfully taking part in the third common activity of Wheelmap and Streetspotr including World Cup bets. Of 200 Streetspotrs they had gone for Germany as the winning team of the competition.

Before that, the diligent members of the crowdsourcing community had accomplished the basic terms of conditions for the bet game by delivering five pictures of entrances for places in the Wheelmap. The available categories were “food”, “shopping”, “leisure” and “sports” whereas the latter had been added to the Streetspotr job list especially for the occasion of the Soccer Word Cup.

And the winners are…

  1. Price: Robert Homola (Erfurt) – an original Adidas “Brazuca” football + a national league shoulder bag
  2. Price: Simon Vitzthum (Frankfurt am Main) – a DVD box „Best of Bundesliga“ of 1963-2013 + a national league shoulder bag
  3. Price: Klaus Bönnen (Mönchengladbach) – a national league game of memory + a national league shoulder bag

Streetspotr establishes a new record

In the meantime we have reason to cheer as well – because of the inspiring engagement and ambition of the mobile crowdsourcing community. Since the start of the third project about 800 Spotrs have taken 15.185 (!) picture. That makes 19.5 spots per person on average.

Some of them even seem to have taken the “sportive” part of the project announcement literally and implemented a sportive element into their activity for Wheelmap. 270 spots within 24 hours has established a new record.The third round of making pictures of entrances for the Wheelmap is still on till September, 15th. Till the, we’re excited which other records from the part of the Streetspotrs will come to our surprise…


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