The League of Historical & Accessible Cities

Today we want to present a great project that we think is worth supporting: The League of Historical & Accessible Cities
The project’s main aim is to improve the accessibility of historical towns, while at the same time promoting sustainable tourism development and the protection of cultural heritage. So far, five historical towns are involved, supported by local authorities and several foundations:

  • Avila (Spain) – Fundación ONCE
  • Lucca (Italy) – Fondazione Banca Monte di Lucca
  • Mulhouse (France) – Fondation Réunica, Fondation de France, Centre Français des Fonds et Fondations
  • Torino (Italy) – Fondazione CRT
  • Viborg (Denmark) – Realdania Foundation, Bevica Foundation, The Danish Disability Foundation and The Labour Market Holiday Fund

What’s being developed?

In each town, a tourist route including interesting buildings, museums, parks, restaurants, shops and tourist information centres is being developed for the historical city centre. On these routes everyone will be able not only to walk around and explore the townscape independently, but also to orient themselves and to interact with their surroundings. There will be information signs (such as tactile billboards, sign language guides and audio guides) and other interactive digital tools that will be accessible to all.

Watch this nice vide with Maria Orejas-Chantelot, explaining what The League of Historical & Accesible Cities is all about:

Or watch this video and learn more about the project in the five partner towns:

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