Voices from Sziget: Enya from Ireland

A few weeks ago our colleague Adina went to the Sziget Festival in Budapest. You can read more about her experiences there and profit from her vast festival knowledge in general in this tips & tricks post (sorry, German only). Also, don’t miss out on the great pictures she took there.

While being there Adina also talked to other wheelchair users about their experiences. Here’s the first of three interviews:

This is Enya and her lovely family from Cork, Ireland. It’s already Enya’s fifth time here on Sziget and her smiles makes it pretty obvious that she was really enjoying herself.

A: “Did you like Sziget?”
E: “Yeah, I loved it!”

A: “What did you like the most on the festival?”
E: “BLUR! I loved the atmosphere and the bands playing and the audiences cheering.
And also being with my friends.”

A: “Did you prepare yourself for the Sziget festival, maybe your wheelchair or something else?”
E: “No, I just brought lots of water.”

“Coming to Sziget festival was quite problematic”, adds her Mom. Enya’s dad explains: “The haven carriage is about maybe 40 inches up from the platform. So it’s more than a step. At margaret bridge it was a disaster. Two flights of stairs. I suppose the transport to Sziget is the biggest problem. I think the haven is a disaster. Even if they just put temporary ramps there for the people. They’ll have to reorganize this.”

A: “Do you think they improved the festival for wheelchair users over the years, Enya?”
E: “I think it remained almost the same.”

A: “It was wonderful to meet such a nice family. Thank you very much!”

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