We proudly present: Andi

Most of you know him already. And those who didn’t have the pleasure yet will meet him now. Andi, our man for the written and spoken word. We’ve asked him some questions…

Andi, what’s the story behind you working for Sozialhelden?

Oh, haha, I saw a post from Raul for an internship position in web design. The idea of Sozialhelden instantly intrigued me and so I just gave it a shot and called. I was like “I think what you’re doing is absolutely great and I’d love to join, but I have no clue about web design whatsoever”. Funny enough, Raul invited me over for a chat, and we chatted and chatted and I actually walked out there with the job. Well, not the web design internship, but with that other job, the one that didn’t really exist…


What are your main tasks?

The coordination of press requests, the internal and external communication, well, the external one mainly. I take care of that for all the projects of Sozialhelden. That also includes taking care of our social channels. And sometimes I actually go out and give conference talks as well. I am also involved in the conceptual development of our project Leidmedien.de.

And what else do you like? In life…

Especially photography (check out Andi’s Flickr Profile). Music, concerts, movies – the basic stuff. And I also spend a great deal of time with communication projects privately. I really like that.

If you could be a super hero for one week, which one would you like to be?


And why’s that?

Well you know, he’s got a pretty decent life during the day. And he’s not the classic superhero. In fact, he’s more of an revenger. He’s always there when the law and public authorities failed. And he doesn’t have real superpowers like for example Spiderman, he’s just innovative and works hard.

A real self-made man, huh?

He also got some gifts from his parents, sure. But we all know how that ended, right!?

Alright. Any last words?

Homer Simpson always says “Trying is the first step towards failure”. But that ain’t true. We should all fail sometimes. that’s what gets you further!

OK, Andi. Thanks a ton for the interview and the great work! We <3 you!

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