Wheelmap.org with new design & more projects to get involved

We’re happy to announce that we did a little spring-cleaning and spruced up Wheelmap.org. Both Website and iPhone app shine in new armour now. However, since we all know it’s the inner values that count we also added some new content to offer you more opportunities to get active for more wheelchair-accessibility and inclusion.

What’s new?

In the menu item “Get engaged” we introduce different projects around the map that offer the opportunity for everyone to get active, participate or support us. From individuals to schools, clubs or companies – it’s easy and hassle-free to get active!

“Newbies” can learn everything they need to know about the map, our partners, us and how it all works in the menu item “About Wheelmap”. And who knows, maybe there’s something new to learn for even the most experienced mappers in our FAQs…

Furthermore, we’ll now keep you posted about the latest news, tips & tricks, the team and of course projects and activities from the Wheelmap community in our “News” section.

 What’s more, we hope that the new menu and navigation will make it easier to navigate betweeen the map and content pages such as “How does Wheelmap work?”.

 And last but not least: It’s now possible to add photos to a place via the “Upload image” button in the detailed place page (after you clicked “More” in the bubble…). As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and makes it easier for people to decide themselfes if they can access a place or not.

And what’s next?

Rome wasn’t build in a day – and the same goes for the new Wheelmap.org. Not every page is adjusted to the new design yet, but we’re working on it, really! We’ll updated the detailed place page and all other sub pages step by step in the next weeks. That also means that we’ll get rid of some glitches and add a few new functionalities… However, please bear in mind that we’re still a small team with very limited funds, so please give us some time!

Your Feedback

For now we’re exited to hear what you think about the new design and navigation. Please share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment!


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