Wheelmap with a new status to mark wheelchair accessible toilets

Hooray, the new toilet status is finally here! In addition to marking the wheelchair accessibility of a place it is now also possible to mark if a place has a wheelchair accessible toilet or not.
Until now it was only possible to mark those places where one would usually expect to find a toilet, e.g. restaurants or movie theaters, as green, if they featured a wheelchair-accessible toilet. Many users asked us to change this and to introduce a special tag just for toilets. Well, your wish is our command. We proudly present: the toilet status!

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The development of this feature was made possible by United Way Worldwide and the support of FedEx. Our heartiest Thanks for this, you great people!

How does the toilet status work?

The toilet status complements the accessibility status of a place. The two statuses can be set independently from each other. For instance, a restaurant can be marked green for being fully accessible, but with a red toilet status because it does not have a wheelchair accessible toilet. Or, a café’s accessibility can be marked as orange for having a very small step at the entrance, but the separate toilet status can be green if there is a wheelchair accessible toilet. This way, one can easily and clearly see if a place has a wheelchair accessible toilet or not.
The places shown on the map are colored according to their wheelchair accessibility status. Using the WC filter function one can narrow down the number of places shown on the map according to the wheelchair accessibility of their toilets.

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The Wheelmap criteria for wheelchair accessible toilets:

  • Doorway’s inner width min. 90 cm
  • Clear space min. 150 x 150 cm
  • Wheelchair-height toilet seat
  • Folding grab rails
  • Accessible hand basin

What happens to places that are already marked?

All the markings that have been made so far stay preserved – no information gets lost or disappears. Over time, the marked places will be adapted one by one with the new toilet status.

What changes for the criteria for the accessibility status?

The question whether a place has a wheelchair accessible toilet is not relevant for the accessibility status any longer. The one and only relevant question now is: is this place wheelchair accessible?

= Wheelchair accessible

  • Entrance: accessible without steps
  • Rooms: all rooms are accessible without steps (e.g. all cinema halls)

= Limited wheelchair accessibility

  • Entrance: one step maximum, not higher than 7 cm (2.75 inches)
  • Rooms: the most important rooms are accessible without steps (e.g. selected cinema halls)

= Not wheelchair accessible

  • Entrance: higher than 7 cm (2.75 inches)
  • Rooms: the most important rooms are not accessible without steps

= Unknown

    • The status is still unknown and needs to be assigned

Is it also possible to set the new toilet status in the mobile apps?

Unfortunately, at this point we have not yet been able to also implement the toilet status in the mobile apps. We’ll catch up on this asap. As a non profit organisation, and because we offer Wheelmap for free, our funds are quite limited. We are therefore not able to take on the costs that are involved in getting everything done at the same time….

And now it’s your turn. Use the new function and mark the toilet status of as many places as possible. And then, please tell us all about how you like the new function. Or, how you don’t like it. We’re looking forward to hearing your opinion!

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